Our goal is to discuss research in macroeconomics - ranging from classic papers to brand new working papers and your own research ideas.

We welcome everyone who is interested in macroeconomic research, but particularly PhD students in their 2nd year and above.

This is an opportunity to

  • stay up to date with macroeconomic research
  • practice presenting papers
  • discuss your own research ideas and the related literature at an early stage
  • connect to researchers from different institutions.


We meet in HECER's meeting room on the 4th floor of the Economicum building on Mondays at 3pm.

We have two types of sessions:

  • One-paper sessions. The goal is to get to the bottom of a paper. We allocate one hour to a single paper. You prepare a presentation of your pick. We all prepare by reading the paper.
  • Mixed sessions. The goal is to grasp the main idea of a paper quickly. We discuss up to four papers. Your own research projects are welcome as well. You prepare a 15-30 minute presentation of your pick.

Please see http://blogs.helsinki.fi/asilvo/macro-reading-group/ for more information or contact Aino Silvo (aino.silvo[at]helsinki.fi) directly.