Basic Information

  • Location: Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7, Economicum building (seminar room 3-4) and Fabianinkatu 28, Aleksandria building (room K130)
  • Time: August 15-24, 2016
  • Admission to course:
    • The FPPE platform is not yet operational, so you can register for the course by sending an e-mail to the HECER offices (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Friday, August 12 at 3pm
    • Registration for the course will take place at the renewed FDPE website to be published in August (www.fdpe.fi).
    • List of participants (TBA)
  • Course description: The course is a revision course in mathematics, aimed primarily for new doctoral students in economics. It is designed to offer a solid mathematical base for the following doctoral courses in economics. The course is very strongly recommended to every new doctoral student.

Teaching staff

Course material

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