Prospective applicants should apply directly to the target university. A common entrance requirement for the HECER Master's Programme is a Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS credits) from a recognized university. Applicants that do not have a Finnish Bachelor's degree in economics or related field must also provide: 

- GRE (or GMAT) score
- Certificate of proficiency in the English language

Depending on the university, this information may be required also from applicants with a Finnish degree. The application should also include a statement explaining the applicant's motivation to apply the programme.

To be considered for admission, the applicant must have a proven ability to take advanced studies in the economics Master's Degree programme. This means that the prior studies of the applicant should display knowledge of economics and methodological subjects (mathematics and statistics) at least at the intermediate level.

Candidates are selected on the basis of the material submitted. The Board of Admissions makes the decision based on the overall assessment of the applications. The relevant dimensions of the applications are prior academic excellence, the GRE (or GMAT) score, and the motivation of the application.

Entrance criteria vary between the three universities and a prospective applicant should consult the details from the respective admissions offices:

Note that application should be sent directly to the target university.

The next application deadlines are announced on the web sites of the admissions offices (follow the links above).